Best Coffee Spots in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley

In Arizona, we like our coffee. We drink it to wake up in the morning, to re-energize in the afternoon, and to cap off our dinners at night. Whether we are working, studying, or just relaxing with friends, coffee is often an integral part of our activities. Cafes offer inviting settings to multi-task, to socialize, and to people-watch. Caffeine, great food and sweet desserts go hand-in-hand with the cafe and coffee shop experience.

And there are so many coffee establishments to choose from! If you want an environment for cranking out work, gaming, or catching up on social media, the coffee shops in Queen Creek and San Tan Valley will suit your needs. If you are looking for a Ethiopian brew or a unique local brew, you don’t need to go far. We have put together a detailed list with detailed descriptions of the best coffee shops that Queen Creek and San Tan Valley have to offer. We hope you find a special place that provides you with community, relaxation…and great coffee!


Black Rock Coffee Bar

No person is an island. No matter how many friends we collect on our devices, there will always be a longing to truly know others and be known. At Black Rock, our aim is to fuel that fire by being more than a place for coffee… we are a place for connection. Whether she’s a barista, an owner, or he’s a customer, supplier or neighbor: we’re all crafting our story one day at a time, one connection at a time.

20774 Walnut Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

website | Phone: 480-361-6584 | WiFi


Dutch Bros Coffee

Dutch Bros Coffee, the largest privately-owned drive-thru coffee business in the nation, currently has close to 400 locations and 12,000 employees in 7 states. However, no matter how many locations Dutch Bros has or how many baristas it employees, this company will always stay close to its roots.

Dutch Bros is well-known for giving away drinks (over a million per year!) to reach its goal of “spreading the Dutch Luv”. They donate millions of dollars a year to surrounding communities and not-for-profit organizations. This includes the Muscular Dystrophy Association in honor of Dane Boersma, one of the founders, who died of Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2009.

The “Dutch Mafia”–a term for their group of loyal customers–continues to grow in size and diversity. As they expand, Dutch Bros makes sure that customer loyalty is well-rewarded with even more love, donations, and smiles!

20898 E Queen Creek Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

website | Phone: 541-955-4700


Third Place Cup Coffeehouse

Third Place Cup Coffeehouse is the oldest independent coffeehouse in the Queen Creek/San Tan Valley area. They welcome customers with unique blends prepared by passionate and professional baristas. They also support the locals art and music community…with love!

21805 S Ellsworth Rd #102, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

website | Phone: 480-242-4154 | WiFi



As the world’s leader in providing baked goods and great coffee, Dunkin’ serves millions of customers each day. Donuts remain our specialty, and we are happy to serve over fifty kinds! Dunkin’ will welcome you with your favorite food and drinks, including a variety of beverages and baked goods.

21148 E Rittenhouse Rd #101, Queen Creek, AZ 85242

website | 480-888-0165 | WiFi

40615 N Gantzel Rd Ste 101, Queen Creek, AZ 85140

website | 480-987-5292 | WiFi

QC Junction Café

Area students manage this café and welcome their patrons with an emphasis on customer service. Righteous Rolls and specialty coffee drinks are the most popular items on their menu.

20275 E Rittenhouse Rd #300, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

website | Phone: 480-987-2038 | WiFi

Panera Bread

Panera customers can feel good about the clean food here that contains no harmful ingredients such as preservatives or artificial sweeteners. Come and enjoy our warm, inviting, bakery-style restaurant and the best service in town. Whether it is fresh soup, a crispy salad, a tasty sandwich or a sweet dessert, you can find it at Panera.

21202 S Ellsworth Loop Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85242

website | Phone: 480-751-6170


Kneaders Bakery & Café

Kneaders—which focuses on the improvement of local communities through commitments to schools and hospitals—offers the freshest bread made from scratch daily. They feature an array of soups, sandwiches, salads and baked goods made with wholesome ingredients. Kneaders collaborates with the Huntsman Cancer Institute to fight childhood cancer. This is the perfect place to eat well and support your community.

21157 E Rittenhouse Rd, Queen Creek, AZ 85142

website | Phone: 480-481-2211 | WiFi

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