Cadence by Toll Brother in Queen Creek

‘m Matt Schneider, one of the Real Estate Wizards. Aaron and I have been showing you some communities. So some of them are boring, Spanish lace, typical Arizona-style homes. If you like those, that’s great. But for those who are looking for something a little bit different, we want to show you a couple of elevations here. We’re at Toll Brothers at Cadence. If you don’t want to drive out here and you want to sneak peek at what some of their finest homes look like, we’re going to step inside a farmhouse build right here. As you can see from the outside, very farmhouse, over 3100 sqft inside, with six bedrooms. So if you have a large house or a lot of friends, I don’t have that many friends. But if you do, this is the house for you! You can tell some of the finishes here are luxurious. That’s why they call themselves a luxury home build. If you look in here, one of Aaron and I’s favorite things about these homes is that they have pocket doors. It really brings the outdoor living inside, which if you’re from Arizona a lot of months out of the year, you can just slide these babies all the way open.

People that are living here love a luxury home but don’t have time for maintenance. So you’re not going to get a large lot, but you will get a large fancy home. Watch the video to enjoy some of these finishes. We’ll show you the rooms, kitchen, and some of their unique features.

Okay, before we jump over to the second model, I want you to check out the community. If you have kids, if you like going to a pool with water slides, if you like an Anthem experience, if you’re familiar with that, this is really what Cadence reminds me of. Their HOA gives you something for the dollar you’re paying, which I like, especially if I’m going to live in a community. I like to benefit from the amenities. Definitely check these out.

This next model we’re going to run you through is Contemporary. So if you like that elevation, you’ll love this home inside. Again, just over 3100 sqft, the difference on this home is it’s all single level. If you don’t like stairs, you’re going to love this home. All of the rooms in this home have ensuite bathrooms.

If you look in this great room, you’ll see the beams that run across the wall. You’ll see highly upgraded features. Now, not all of these upgrades come standard. Obviously, we’re walking through the models, but that’s why it’s fun to go see new builds to see what they could look like. And my favorite part of this home is the separate entrance. Everyone wants to work from home now, or if we have a mother-in-law, we all can find a use for a separate entrance living. So this has its own living room, bathroom, and extra bedroom.

So if you’re looking for new builds that are kind of higher-end, Toll Brothers is a fantastic builder. Also in Cadence, they do have other builders and some other price points. And if you’ve seen any of Aaron and I’s other videos in the East Valley, we are the experts on all of the new builds.

So if you have any questions on size, timing, or if you need something in a month or a year and a half because you want them more custom, we can let you know what your options are and what your availability is. It is an arduous process to do that by yourself on a computer and figure out, where are the new builds, when are they coming? When are they available? And we have contacts with these builders. Well, they will tell us when someone defaults or what’s available.

So just give us a text or a phone call. No pressure. We don’t have to be your agent. We just want to educate you on what homes are available and what the timing truly is. I know in this market it is wild to be going after listings or some of these homes that come on the market that are ready and we want to avoid all of that hassle. We want to be able to get you what you want, for the price you want, at the time you want.

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