Cookies Cookies Everywhere!!

Are you into cookies like I’m into cookies? Probably not. I’m a bit of a cookie fanatic, I love cookies. I mean like Cookie monster style!! So what is going on with the cookie lifestyle here in Queen Creek? 

For right now Crumbl is the only game in town. Their cookies are pretty amazing. They are located in the Queen Creek marketplace. So here is my take on Crumbl. One of the best things about them is their app. It is super user-friendly and you can opt for in-store or curbside pickup. They even have a limited delivery area. They have a consistent menu and feature different cookies each week. This week for example they have Caramel Apple, Aggie Blue Mint, and Pumpkin Roll. Their cookies seldomly let you down. So what’s the downside?  In my opinion, the cookies are a little too big. I know, I know how can they be too big? Well, I feel like one cookie is too much and half is just about right. But then they tend to dry out too fast once you cut them. Which is my second downside. Their cookies tend to be too dry for my taste. I like chewy cookies. 

But fear not reinforcements are coming. They are opening a new cookie place at the new Fry’s shopping center on Riggs. Twisted sugar. They don’t have an official opening date yet. So far Twisted Sugar is my go to cookie. Right now I have to make the trek to Gilbert but that will soon be over when they open the Queen Creek location. So for starters, the assortment of cookies available at Twisted Sugar is much larger. At any given time they will have 15 or more choices whereas Crumbl will likely only have 6-8 tops. One of the other unique things is offering a gluten-free selection. I have never seen gluten-free offerings at Crumbl. Another cool thing about Twisted Sugar is that they have a selection of beverages available also. Everything from a standard soda to a Dole Whip float (Disney Style). But what gets me is the cookies themselves. This week they featured a banana cream pie cookie and wow!! It did not disappoint. As I remarked earlier about Crumbl tending to dry out fast, Twisted Sugar does not. Their cookies stay moist for several days. 

But wait, there’s more!  Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new challenger. Here comes Dirty Dough. I can’t give you much details or my 2 cents because I haven’t tried them yet. They currently only have one location here in Arizona. But it’s in Tempe, and I don’t often get outside of my local bubble. From the looks of the website, they will probably be more in line with Crumbl. They currently have 7 cookies available on the site/app. They do not offer a gluten-free selection but after all, these are cookies. They also do not offer a selection of drinks and shakes. As for now, the jury is out. We will have to wait and see what the cookies tell us! They will be opening the Queen Creek location soon at Rittenhouse and Ocotillo in the Cornerstone shopping center. 

So what are your thoughts on cookies?

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