Harvest Master Planned Community In Queen Creek

I’m Matt. This is Aaron, my brother. And we’re the Real Estate Wizards. We are at Harvest, which is a couple of miles south of the heart of Queen Creek at Rittenhouse and Riggs, a beautiful area. So we’re showing you here six different builders who are still building. There’s probably about 25% left to be built here. We have good relationships with the builders here. We’re very familiar with the floor plans.

The listed price ranges are from the high four hundred thousand, more like mid five hundred thousand to a million is about where we’re at right now. But these builds can be anywhere from two to three months out because people are defaulting on their contracts. You want to customize your whole home and you’re looking at 15 months to do a house.

It’s a really cool community. The amenities here are second to none, especially for the price of what you’re going to pay for the HOA. We are here at the Lake. Come have a picnic at the Lake with your family, with your kids, a romantic date, or come fishing.

Hopefully, if you’re on a romantic date we don’t have the people weed eating and mowing in the background. But you’ve got to do what you got to do! That’s what you get. If you want nice manicure stuff, someone has to mow the lawn. You got to keep it clean! And they do. They keep it really nice here. Awesome area you can see behind us to BBQ and hang out. They always have music going on, a lap pool, splash pad, gorgeous playground for the kids.

So we know on the market when a listing hits, it can be wild. If you’re looking to sell your house it’s a great time to sell. You can sell something that’s got major issues to anybody almost at any price. So great time to get out of that home that maybe has some deferred maintenance. And it’s a great time to get into something that isn’t going to require maintenance and a lot of money. You’ve got roofs that can cost a lot and A/Cs can cost a lot. Those things can cost $10k, $20K to even $30K! Why worry about those things when you are buying a home? Come buy a new build. It’s all brand new. That way you can just move in, enjoy your house, enjoy your family, enjoy your life.

I know a lot of people are afraid to reach out to a realtor because you think that means we’re going to jump down your throat and we’re going to be there every second of the way and we’re going to push you to buy a house when you know you might be three, six, even twelve months out. We’re not like that! We’re here to advise, to inform, to give you what information you need so you can make an informed decision. And if you’re ready, great, if you’re not, no worries. We’re not pushy people. We just want to give everyone the information that they need so they can make their own best decision.

If you have questions on interest rates, if you have questions about what the market is doing right now because of interest rates or what the entry-level prices are to be in Queen Creek, just send us a text, shoot us a message and we’re happy to respond. This is what we do. We’d love to help you. There’s no question that can’t be answered or that shouldn’t be asked.

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