New home building on the rise in Queen Creek

Holy cow there are so many houses being built!!

But are there really so many houses being built? Last week there were so many revealing stats that say this really isn’t the case. Based on permits to build single-family homes during the height of the housing boom in 2006 there were more than twice as many permits being issued compared to now. So why does it seem like we have such a shortage of houses? Are the builders raising margins? Is there a shortage of supplies? Is there a shortage of tradesmen to do the jobs? Since prices are the highest they have ever been and credit has seen more lax oversight as compared to years past. You would think they would build as many homes as they could?? 

This is where we get into the way I look at the data and what it tells me. So don’t by any means think these are all facts, I am giving my opinion for what it’s worth lol. Let’s start with the builders. Their processes have been rough. When we have done final walks with quite a few builders there were a lot more mistakes than what I have ever seen in my history as an agent. Also, quite a few of the builders have just pretty much said to their buyers  “tough” if you don’t want to pay there are ten more people that will. So I feel like the shortage has been a win for the builders and it allows them to set the tone for the process. In defense of the builders, the supply chain seems completely broken. I don’t want to get into the weeds as to why but it just is. So that has given builders fits. If any of you have tried to get any home improvements done recently you would know. It’s hard to just get someone to show up sometimes. So finding reliable workers has been another huge obstacle for builders.

So to sum it all up. I don’t think this is all on the builders as a whole. At this point, we are all just victims of the current circumstances. 

But on a super positive note. Out of all the cities and towns in the Phoenix metro area, take a guess which city/town had the highest appreciation? That would be Queen Creek, AZ !!! So what city/town has the highest average sale price? Once again that would be Queen Creek, AZ. That’s right, not Scottsdale, not Fountain Hills. Queen Creek !! We are just so cool that everyone wants to be a part of what’s going on in Queen Creek

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