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Mondays are my fav! Especially when they start off with photos and video for a new listing! 🏠

Check out my story for a sneak peek!! Coming to the market this Friday! 🤩
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Calorie Surplus 🍌🥩🍿

What exactly is a calorie surplus and how does that benefit you? 

A calorie surplus is when you are eating at above your maintenance calories, which means you are consuming more calories than you are burning 🔥🔥🔥

Now how does that benefit you? Eating in a surplus of calories for 3 to 6 months and training properly can lead to sufficient muscle growth. Yes, you will gain body fat and it will be uncomfortable for a little while but the end results are worth it! 

Just check out my own transformation! The first picture is from last August until February of this year. I am currently in my second calorie surplus I have ever done and I am eating 3300 calories a day! I have had to train my metabolism and track my food for the last 3 years to get myself to this point but it’s been so worth it! It’s hard eating this many calories everyday but the end results are going to be great! 

If you want to gain muscle then get comfortable with being uncomfortable and get into a calorie surplus! Message me today to find out more about our online training and macros program! 💪🏻
Filming for TV in AZ summer temps 🥵🌵 can’t wait for this episode of theamericandreamtv coming to CBS soon and all about my favorite town! We ❤️ Queen Creek, AZ! We got to hear from some amazing Residents and wrapped up filming with our Gillette Group families at the qcfeastival 🎥

What is your favorite thing about Queen Creek?

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It's official and confirmed that costco, the fifth largest retailer in the world, is coming to Queen Creek in 2022. Visit azbigmedia.com to read about how Costco is coming to Queen Creek in 2022.
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We are excited to be back in Queen Creek with your favorite small business crafters, makers, artists, junkers and collectors. 

Vintage & Vino’s Mother’s Day Event is 
Friday, May 7th 11-8pm 
Saturday, May 8th 9-4. 
Located at horseshoeparkqc 
20464 E Riggs Rd
Queen Creek, AZ  85142

We will be celebrating and pampering mom with wine tasting, shopping, classes, massages and delicious food so plan a whole day of fun!
Tickets are on sale now at vintageandvinoaz.com
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And so together they built a life they loved 🏠 💕
Ben and I purchased this lot when I was 36 weeks pregnant and now we are finishing the plans to build our dream home right here on this dirt! We are so excited for this new adventure in Queen Creek!
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Everyone sees the highlight reels here on social media…
You know what I mean, the “fun stuff” and the “winning” that everyone posts
Everyone wants to share their successes, but often times fail to leave out their failures 
They make entrepreneurship sound fun, they make it sound easy. 
But let me tell you the truth….
At times its fucking lonely.
I know this feeling all too well...I call it being in “No Mans Land”.
When you start...
Taking risks.
And working your fucking ass off
To chase this crazy ass vision you see in your head that nobody else sees.
You’re going be called crazy.
You’re going be called unrealistic.
You’re going be called greedy.
You’re going be called egotistical.
People are going to guilt you by saying “you think you’re too good for us”.
And you’re going to end up here...
Completely Alone...
In No Mans Land.
You will question everything about your vision, your goals, your actions…
And most importantly yourself.
But what you have to understand no mans land is that its a bridge between who you were and who you are becoming.
Its a sign you’re on the right path.
You are transitioning out of relationships that held you inside a life that you weren’t satisfied with.
...and into relationships that serve your future self, mission, goals and dreams and ultimately fulfill you, serve you & contribute to the quality of you’re looking for.
They just haven’t materialized yet.
This is hard to see when you haven’t gone through it before. 
Trust me when I tell you, it is only temporary.
We all go through it.
Instead of giving up on yourself
Stand alone knowing most people don’t have what it takes to venture down this path. 
Most that try will quit on themselves and fail.
But know that better things are coming...if you can withstand the silence.
Congratulations to my adorable clients Derek, Mariah & Ledger ❤️👶🏼
It was less than a year ago that I helped them find the perfect new build home in Eastmark and since their family is beginning to grow they decided it was time to look for more space 🔎
We found a beautiful, brand new community developed by tollbrothersaz in the rapidly growing town of Queen Creek. And oh boy… these Mountain View’s 🌄👀
Having trouble finding your “perfect” home? Have you considered a new build? Let’s chat 📲
When you realize that your vision and purpose is bigger than just you...You will succeed.

You know why?

Because believe it or not you’re the very first person that will quit on you.

The vision that you live every single day for has to be so important that when you want to quit this “vision” drives you forward.

Personal gain and recognition isn’t a good enough reason to live your life in my eyes.

A paycheck is not a good enough reason to live your life.

Proving someone wrong is not a good enough reason to live your life.

These are all short term motivators that will eventually cause you to burn out if they are your only motivators.

This is why WE will always be greater than just ME.

Those that know me know that I am a believer in being the very best version of ME, and constantly pushing myself to grow... but it’s also tied both physically and emotionally to being the driving force behind pushing those around me to grow as well.

When you have a big picture that involves many to achieve big things...great things start to happen.

You will work harder.

You will take more pride in the processes.

You will be more strong willed to not quit when things get challenging.


As you are reading this post I ask you this.

Do you love what you do?

Do you live every single day for something that you feel great about?

If that answer is NO...

then I would suggest you start to reevaluate what it is that you do and or why you do it.

Your life is short and the journey is a hell of a lot more fun when you have people to celebrate with.
I could not be happier to share this. This guy is one of the most caring and genuine people I know. He has a true servants heart and will be a great addition to the town.

Repost from nate_knight89
I’m running for Queen Creek Town Council in 2022! I can’t wait to continue the positive growth in Queen Creek and be a part of something awesome! Stop by my Council Instagram page nateknightqctowncouncil and follow it for exciting news as we move forward! I am so excited about this opportunity! #NateKnightforQCTownCouncil2022 #NateKnightQCTownCouncil #QueenCreek #NateKnightForCouncil
This week I signed the lease to my new specialty coffee ☕️ + bagel shop🥯! Thank you to these two amazing humans who are trusting me to carry on schmearqc’s amazing bagels while cultivating our specialty coffee brand. Excited to have my own business in the townofqueencreek. Follow our journey as we bring sidewalkcoffeeandbagelco to life over the next few weeks! 
Special thanks to my husband who has given me the courage to take on this new adventure and brings me down to earth when I want to paint and cover the whole place in rainbows, unicorns, and glitter. Balance is so necessary! 
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My sweet husband knew the last few days at work have been extra draining so he said meet me at barrioqueen 
Impromptu date night 🙌🏼
davidmgillette ♥️♥️

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I am seeing a trend of new agents getting into the business and within a couple of months want to start their own real estate team. 

My advice to you? 

Stop trying to skip the process. 

Learning is a process

Obtaining knowledge is a process 

Gaining experience in this business is a process 

Building a reputation that you can stand on is a process. 

When you own a team, others come to you to help them grow their business and learn from you. 

They want to learn what you have done for yourself that has worked well for you and your clients so they can utilize those same skills in their business. 

So let me ask you, if you haven't done much yourself, what exactly do you bring to the table for them? 

How can you teach them and guide them if you are still trying to learn the ropes yourself?

Are you really in it to help them grow? 

Or are you in it for yourself to take yourself out of production. 

Leadership isn't for everyone. 

Not everyone possesses the skills to be a great leader. 

Leading by example isn't the best way to lead; it's the only way to lead.

Take the time to build your own business first. 

Take the wins 

Take the losses 

Take all of it. 

And once you've been kicked in the mouth enough in this business through the lessons taught to you through experience.....

Now you're ready to help lead others to be the best they can be through your own experiences 

Don't skip the process

It will make you a better leader in the end.
A big thanks to Modern Luxury Scottsdale for the feature in their October edition! We wouldn’t be where we are today without our amazing team here at A Finer Touch Construction.  A huge thanks to all of them for the work they do for our clients and trade partners. Check out the latest print issue of mlscottsdale for their feature on the Modern Men.  Or click the link below. Location phoenicianscottsdale and photo by carrieevansphotography kayla_centeno modernluxury_kaylacenteno. And a big thanks to the wifey for styling my outfit goldandoakdesignco 

charlestyrwhitt express
I’ve spent the last couple of years paying close attention to what drives me personally. 

I’m not talking about the basic day to day things…

But the things in life that I really gravitate towards and light a fire in me.

The things that keep me personally motivated and excited about life. 

The things that bring happiness inside to me personally. 

One of the realizations that I have come to see, is that many people will try to talk you out of your dreams. 

They will tell you that you’re “selfish” for wanting more 

Arrogant if you want a nice car or house 

Lazy if you want to work less and travel the world

Selfish if you want to break away from your current environment and elevate yourself. 

People get so uncomfortable when they see someone with the same background as them, trying to chase down their happiness.

They start criticizing your mentality with their insecurities and limitations…

Success makes other people uncomfortable because it reminds them of what they “could have been” had they just done the work.

The more ambitious you are…

The more criticism you are going to face.

The thing that most people don’t realize is that they will never have what they criticize other for. 

They have already told themselves in their own minds that what they are criticizing is bad…even if in reality they wish they had it.

No matter what you do... no matter how good you are... no matter how much good you do... there are going be people who have a problem with it.

You could cure cancer and people still hate you for it.

So my advice is to start living life doing exactly what you want.

Put your head down & work hard as fuck for a decade.

And when you start finding the things that make you happy inside…

Have someone take a picture.

And then post it on the internet to piss those people off.

And when someone asks you why you want the things that you want…

“Because I like it” is a perfectly acceptable reason for 99% of the things you feel the need to explain yourself for.

Remember that.
This project was just completed for some wonderful clients in North Scottsdale. Our clients are from the Mid-West and have already put this home to good work traveling here to AZ. It was a wonderful experience working with them and our photographers captured that desert look and background perfectly roehnerryan . 
Architecture brianscottdesignarchitecture 
Interior Design kandqinteriors 
Landscape Architecture cfdesignaz 
Windows pellamountainwest 
Pool and Landscape premierparadise